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Gabi Magaly
Well, this kitty isn't going to pet itself

Aug. 2021

"The Space In Between"

We intend for “the space in between” to be exactly that—a space that blurs the boundaries of what is expected of creatives. Of course, we appreciate a bunch of stuff that fits within the realm of what “Art” with a capital “A” is taught to be, but we know that art doesn’t stop there. Photography is wonderful, but what about poetry? Paintings are sick as fuck, but we rarely see graffiti, or book artists, or toymakers getting the artistic respect and recognition they deserve, ya know? We love that shit, too! We wanna to see the cute, the kool, the conceptual, the kitsch, and everything that's in between. 

For our first call, we asked artists to show us what they got. What is "the space in between" to them?? How does that phrase relate to their art?? Yo, they fuckin' delivered. They proved to us that there ain't no boundaries that can be placed upon what people are doing in the "fine arts"... whatever that means.

Anywayz, here is the gallery for our first call, "the space in between". We hope you enjoy looking through the work as much as we do. <3

Magaly_Gabi_Well, this kitty isn't going to pet itself.jpg
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