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open call: FUCK THE SYSTEM!!!



You tired of the bullshit? Yeah, us too. Let’s face it, our society is not equitable.


We’re dead tired of the oppression–the misogyny, racism, fascism, and various other suffocating forms of discrimination just ain’t working for us. Sometimes fighting against these systemic forms of injustice can be absolutely debilitating. That don’t mean we ever stop fighting for what’s right, though. A lot of us already know that work needs to be done, and that there’s no point in ignoring the criticality of these issues.


FUCK THE SYSTEM!!! is a call for action as much as it is a call for artwork. What are you making that calls out the oppressor for who they really are? Show us your fuck-the-system-works: forwardly feminist sculptures, posters that advocate for working-class solidarity, songs that shit on colonialism, anti-capitalist installations, and anything in between. We wanna experience it.


This exhibition will be juried by the space in between co-founders, Jennifer Marion and André Ramos-Woodard. It will culminate in an online exhibition hosted on the space in between’s website, which will be published in February of 2023.

If you need more context on what FUCK THE SYSTEM!!! means to us, check out this link about systemic oppression by the National Equity Project and ask yourself if the work you make is in dialogue with the themes on the webpage.


There is no entry fee. 


There will be monetary prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place; $100 USD, $50 USD, and $25 USD respectively. This will optimally be sent via Venmo, Cash App, or Pay Pal, but can also be sent via check in the mail.


ENTRY CLAUSE: Artists that are represented by a gallery or have work in a public museum collection cannot apply to this (of any of our) virtual call(s) for entry. Though their art may be fire, we care deeply about accenting the art of those who have not had similar amounts of exposure and opportunity.

FUCK THE SYSTEM!!! call for entry instructions

Send an email to “”, 
Please include the following information in the body of your email:


  • Name

  • Pronouns

  • Location

  • Artist Website (if applicable)

  • IG Handle (if applicable)

  • Links to video or audio work (if applicable) (up to 3 artworks in total)

Please include the following attachments in your email:


  • Artist Bio

  • Artist CV

  • Artist Statement (optional)

  • Image files of Artworks submitted (up to 3 artworks in total)

Image File Requirements:

  • 72 DPI

  • Adobe RGB (1998)

  • 2000 Pixels on the longest side

  • .JPG format

  • Your name and title of the work should appear in the filename in this format; Name_Title.

     ex. Jennifer Woodard_Hold Me Steady.jpg



**If you are submitting a piece that would benefit from having detail shots–like sculptural work or work with texture–you may submit up to 3 image files per piece.

You can submit no more than 3 artworks in total. This means if you wanna submit 3 installations that all would benefit from detail shots, you can submit 9 images to represent those 3 artworks. You can also submit, for example, 2 songs via YouTube links and one sculpture represented by 3 detail images, since in totality that would be 3 artworks. Don't overthink it, we're just tryna give y'all some examples of what you can submit.

Please title your work: we will assume the title is whatever the file name is after the underscore.

If sending video or audio, please send us a link through Vimeo, YouTube, Bandcamp, or whatever web-based client you prefer. Just don’t send us none of them spam sites.

Title the subject of your email the title of the exhibition in all caps.
     ex. FUCK THE SYSTEM!!!

After making sure you’ve got all the sizing and naming shit done, double-check it to make sure it’s all good. Then, please attach all of your images to the email. If your submission isn’t formatted correctly, we won’t consider it. Please don’t send us images through a Google Drive folder, Dropbox, or WeTransfer: we only use those when we need high-resolution imagery.

By entering this call for entry, you (the Artist) are giving us (the space in between) the confirmation that we can use your work for promotional material. Artists accepted into this call may be included in advertising material which includes but isn’t limited to social media posts, digital invitations, flyers, and press releases. Anytime we use an Artist’s work, we will be sure to credit them as being a courtesy of the Artist (but we’ll include their name) in accordance with their specifications. We retain the right to display and reproduce work accepted for this exhibition for publicity and promotional purposes. The Artist retains the original copyright to their artwork. We will not alter reproductions of the Artist's work, other than lowering opacity and potential cropping for design purposes in advertisements.

Late Submissions will not be considered..

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