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We’re dead tired of the oppression; the misogyny, racism, fascism and numerous other suffocating forms of discrimination just ain’t working for us. Sometimes fighting against these systemic forms of injustice can be absolutely debilitating. That don’t mean we ever stop fighting for what’s right though. A lot of us already know that work needs to be done and that there’s no point in ignoring the criticality of the issues that we have to deal with; sometimes on an everyday basis.

This is a group of artists and artworks that don't follow the rules–'cause as we know, rules were meant to be dismantled. As long as they faulty systems are in place dangling over our heads, the people will be here to critique them, pick at them and eventually bring them down. From our political systems to our societal stereotypes to our very own fucked up art world, we can't (and shouldn't) just ignore what goes on around us. And hey–if you doubt us, let these artists be some proof.

At the root of it all, this show really says that we all deserve to be treated like a fucking human being


1st Place_

Sophia Lucia

(all pronouns accepted)


Click here to view the poem as a PDF.

IG: @freakshowcabaret

2nd Place_

Ross Gerhold

(he/ him)

"Rubber Bullet Bruise"

IG: @rossgerhold

Ross Gerhold_Nick's Rubber Bullet Bruise.jpg
Caitlin Walton_TESCO VALUE 2022.jpg

3rd Place_

Caitlin Walton



IG: @worminthewhiskey

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When You Know Who, Did You Know What



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