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i guess we're the "founders". that's a weird title to have.

We (Jennifer Marion and André Ramos-Woodard) are a Southern-born photo-based artist duo who care about art and our community. Giving back to those who need it most is an aspiration of ours, and we are artists who know that art undoubtedly can help: persuade, inform, and revolutionize. In our own work, we’re exploring how the medium of photography can be applied in the process of highlighting marginalized communities. Our overlapping desires to explore “Otherness” allows us to easily overcome the fact that we come from disparate upbringings; we learn from each other. We’re passionate about celebrating the unique experiences of our underrepresented comrades and amplifying their voices.


what we do.

the space in between” is a virtual lil’ art space dedicated to sharing new ideas and creations of unrepresented contemporary artists. We believe showcasing the creative minds of artists that so commonly go under-the-radar to be crucial in our personal mission to amplify the voices of underrepresented, marginalized, and working-class comrades.

**This would mean if you are…


  • a gallery represented artist,

  • an artist who has work in a public museum collection,  


you cannot apply to ANY of our physical or virtual calls for entry. Though the work may be fire, we care deeply about accenting the art of those who have not had similar amounts of exposure and opportunity.

how you can help.

donate. <3

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follow. <3

The more money we raise, the more we can give back to artists and supporters by through monetary prizes and hiring outside jurors. Secondly, we also plan to use the money for online services, that would make advertising and website building simpler like Wix, GoDaddy, and Mailchimp. Lastly, just to plant the seed, we eventually plan to buy a storage container of some kind so that we can create a physical space to showcase art, have exhibitions, events, etc., but it's gon' be a minute on that one.




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