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"Growing up in a Mexican-American household, my childhood was saturated with the machismo and marianismo culture. Hypermasculinity oozes brutality, control, and bad cologne. Placated and tongue-biting women don’t speak up, act up, and always have rice and tortillas on the table at precisely six o’clock. Daughters are raised to submit to men, are being taught to fetishize purity and holiness. We are expected to feed stomachs, ego, and a taste for violence. With my work, I draw from my experience within this toxic culture and provide a call to action for the women who don’t have a voice to feel empowered and for the men with a little too much to say to be softened. The imagery I use within my work references the everyday accessible household items that are traditionally associated with my Mexican-American household: Fiesta spices, Fideo, prayer cards, candles, blankets, and tortillas. I want these items to be culturally and physically accessible. A visual language usually reserved for Abuela’s kitchen and living room is transformed into defiance, empowerment, and hopefully change. As we look towards the future, my work encourages women in my culture to find the strength to forget about the old traditions and raise their daughters to be independent. "

 - Gabi Magaly


the space in between in conversation with Gabi Magaly


Oct. 2021 — In our very first interview-conversation with the bad bitch Gabi Magaly, we get to know more about her work, grad school, the importance of female sexual pleasure, machismo culture, and more! We hope you enjoy listening as much as we did speaking with her! <3

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