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Oct. 2022 — FUCK, it's been incredibly too long. Sorry for the hiatus, but I guess life gets in the way more than we would like to admit. In the past year, we've both been through a lot of changes--Jen is in the first year of pursuing her MFA, and André is working full-time at an art gallery in H-Town. Anyways, we truly hope to get the ball rolling again. 


In this conversation-interview-thingy, we get to know more about Sofia Dalamagka, an artist we were introduced to by curating Float Magazine's Photo, But Not Photo exhibition. Yo, bugs?! Fruit?! Talk about PHOTO, BUT NOT PHOTO. We're such a sucker for those pushing past the boundaries of all the ways we've been learning about art (and photography specifically in this case) in them good ole' Art History classes. We hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy her work. <3


Sofia Dalamagka

the space in between in conversation with Sophia Lucia 

submission_error404_sofia_dalamagka (10).jpg
The Marriage, Sofia Dalamagka
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